This Process Sucks

I’m exhausted of the “We know something is wrong with you, but we don’t really know what, yet.” Its like its in the positioning handbook for Physicians. “Lets make them feel validated but not hopeful for a resolution.” Ugh!

I am thankful that I have a team working to help find whatever it is thats wrong with me, but this process really does suck.

I went to yet another specialist this morning. This time, it was an endocrinologist. The PA was super nice. She spoke with my Oncologist and so she was somewhat familiar with my situation before my arrival. She reviewed my records, my most recent labs and my MRI results and I got the standard  “Hmmm….” and “Oh Wow!” and occasionally a “Huh?” all while I sat there staring at her staring at the computer.

They still don’t know whats causing this rapid weight gain or the pain all around my body. But she ordered more tests to help rule out this disorder or that syndrome.


Anyway, I feel like this is what my life has come to. Tests, wait. Tests, wait. And it’s exhausting. Oh well, what more can I do but wait for the results of this new round of testing.


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