Today is the First Day…..

…Of the rest of my life.

I tell myself this EVERY morning. And I will continue to do so until I get it right. Every day, I make mistakes. There are days I don’t follow my meal plan or I don’t work out. Maybe I allow my anger to get the best of me or I say things that aren’t productive and I let my feelings take control, etc. I mean, my list goes on because I am the least perfect person I know.

This is clearly going to be a long and painful journey. I swore I was going to work out every day. On alternating days I would run using the Couch to 5K App, and on the other days I would be using DDP Yoga. I have literally, only worked out 3 times since April 1. I am fairly disappointed in myself, to say the least. I was supposed to cut out all added sugars and last night, I had 2 glasses of Red Robin‘s Poppin Purple Lemonade. And on top of that, even though he does everything in the world for our family, I fussed at my husband over something trivial that he does to de-stress.

But, everyday is a new day and I have another chance to do better. And today, I am doing better.


So far today…….

I apologized for a mistake. I jog/walked a mile. I drank only water. I portion controlled my meals. Today has been a good day…so far. LOL



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