A little Background…

You know now who I am today but let me tell you a bit about how I got here. Now, normally when I tell people my “testimonies” I get a ton of pity or sympathy or “OH MY GOD’S.” Let me please preface this with…I DO NOT WANT ANY OF THAT!

What I have been through, all my stories, all of my scars…they all made me who I am today. And although I am going through quite a few transitions right now, I overall like who I am and am thankful for my past trials and tribulations. So, although you may learn full stories later on through future entries, here is simply a list of the adversities I have overcome. Please note that my blessing far surpass my misfortunes.

Rape Victim

Domestic Violence Survivor

Cancer Survivor

Hit by a Car

Loss of a child


Loss of loved ones



Looks like a lot right? Well it is, but I am still here, and in order to make sure that I don’t go anywhere soon, I am going to control what I can. From all of the medications, I have gained a lot of weight. I am the largest I have ever been, including when I was 9 months pregnant. Through all of these situations, I also took a hit mentally with each of them to the point now, where I know I am no longer mentally healthy. I have resentment and anger. I have sadness and grief. And although I have always had the ability to push all of those feelings and thoughts deep down and function highly, I am starting to see the long term effects of not allowing myself to fully heal from any of the above situations.

Its time to heal….



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